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The Duchess


I finally got around to watching The Duchess the other night.  I have many thoughts on it, none of which I’m sure how to put into words. The social commentary in this film was heartbreaking in its truth.  I’m not sure if they intended it to be such a stark picture of our current state of […]

I’ve talked before both about Twilight and its detrimental effects on the younger generation and about the use of rape as an analogy (in that case, as a political analogy).  Now both have come together to form a bouillabaisse of fucked-upness. What you don’t see are the cameras shoved in my face and the bizarre […]

So, Pandagon recently discussed a pretty disturbing conservative-leaning “comic” that depicted a scene between President Obama and the Statue of Liberty after he had apparently raped her — he tells her to shut up, and promises to come back with friends to repeat the act.  The rape metaphor is pretty popular in politics, but that […]

I often get frustrated when it comes to promoting my feminist ideals publicly.  Blogging about them is easy, but when faced with explaining them to my family, friends, and acquaintances, it becomes more difficult.  This isn’t because I am ashamed of them, or because I don’t think they’re worth promoting (quite the opposite, in fact).  […]

Or anything else Whoopi Goldberg has been in.  (I wasn’t a fan of Ghost anyway, so it isn’t much of a loss.) It’s probably a good thing I am pulling away from tv and movies more and more these days.  I can’t separate my personal beliefs from my sources of entertainment anymore.  I don’t think […]