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A Short Post


I know, I know.  If I see a link to a website called Ladies Against Feminism, I should ignore it. But I never learn.  And now I must post, or else be pissed off about this all day. This article discusses feminism — mainly, how feminism has destroyed the world.  Here’s how the author defines […]

So, Sarah Palin!  More specifically, the idea that Sarah Palin seems to have that she is feminist! It’s been a while since writing about these things has had a natural flow for me, which is why I haven’t been writing much.  But then I starting commenting on Facebook about this, and I realized: Hey!  This […]

“Surely it must be one of history’s deftest ironies that oppressors have always sought to rationalize their oppression by blaming the oppressed for the state to which it has reduced them.”  – Sidney Mintz I am currently reading a very good book entitled “A History of Women in America.”  It is full of things that […]

I often get frustrated when it comes to promoting my feminist ideals publicly.  Blogging about them is easy, but when faced with explaining them to my family, friends, and acquaintances, it becomes more difficult.  This isn’t because I am ashamed of them, or because I don’t think they’re worth promoting (quite the opposite, in fact).  […]

Some lovely women on a forum I frequent posted these two things (an article written by Patrick Stewart for the Guardian, and a video of a speech he gave for Amnesty International, both of which I will post in full) in a discussion about the actor being knighted. I thought they were very much worth reposting. […]

I recall explaining to a friend that feminism is an important distinction from egalitarianism because of certain issues that will naturally fall to the lot of feminists to address.  I cited abortion and birth control rights among these, but somehow failed to mention heart disease.  This is because I have been of the (mistaken) view that there […]

I began writing on a personal blog, but it soon became apparent to me that I needed a great deal more anonymity.  I want to delve into the issues I discuss without concern for what people connected to me might see.  I want freedom to say what I think needs to be said.  I want […]