Recent developments have made me realize that I need a comments policy for this blog. This is subject to change at any time, and I still reserve the right to moderate as I see fit.

At this time, I am enforcing an almost anything goes sort of policy. This means that I welcome all opinions, even ones with which I don’t agree. That said, there are a couple of things I must address.

1. If you do post a comment and I don’t agree with what you’ve said, I probably will respond. I enjoy discussing and debating my views. It isn’t meant as a personal attack, nor as an attempt to stop you from commenting.

2. However, if I consider a comment really out of line, or if I think something within a comment is very likely to be a trigger for victims of sexual abuse (excluding personal abuse stories), I will block it. If I have to block three of your comments, I will ban you from commenting. (Note: No rape jokes or threats of rape. Ever. For any reason.)

For the moment these are the only rules, but I will update the policy as needed.


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