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Pretty much everyone is discussing right-wing rhetoric following the tragedy in Arizona, and I think it’s something that needs to be discussed.  No matter how the perpetrator of these terrible actions identifies, it is a fact that there is a culture of violence around politics right now, and that the right is encouraging it and […]

“I noticed that everybody who is pro-abortion has already been born…” – Ronald Reagan A friend, with whom I’ve had several heated arguments on this subject, posted this quote on his facebook.  I have been making an attempt not to respond to such statements, although he is making them increasingly often.  But this quote, in […]

I’ve posted about this pretty much everywhere I do any sort of social networking. I have, for some reason, been especially emotional today.  I’m not sure whether it was better or worse that my strings happened to be so easily plucked on a day like today.  When I read the ruling, I cried.  Good tears, […]

Lately, for some reason, one particular issue keeps surfacing in my life: the supposed war between the atheist and Christian populations.  First it was this article from CBN (which resulted in a debate with a friend of mine), and now it’s this piece from Chrissy Satterfield. I can’t help but notice that our very existence […]

So, Sarah Palin!  More specifically, the idea that Sarah Palin seems to have that she is feminist! It’s been a while since writing about these things has had a natural flow for me, which is why I haven’t been writing much.  But then I starting commenting on Facebook about this, and I realized: Hey!  This […]

So, Pandagon recently discussed a pretty disturbing conservative-leaning “comic” that depicted a scene between President Obama and the Statue of Liberty after he had apparently raped her — he tells her to shut up, and promises to come back with friends to repeat the act.  The rape metaphor is pretty popular in politics, but that […]

Prop 8


I’ve been hesitant to write about the Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial, although I have been following it very closely.  I’ve written before about my opinions on this issue (and I imagine what my feelings are could be guessed even if I had not).  But something I heard while the trial was going on has stuck with […]