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I’m sure it’s obvious at this point that I’m not exactly keeping up with this blog.  I’ve moved over to the Tumblr community, where I can be immersed in discussion about the SJ movement and take more of a passive role in talking about it.  I needed this blog to help myself work through some […]

What is freedom of expression?  Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist. (Salman Rushdie) I am an adamant free speech activist, and have spent no small amount of time defending the free expression of people whose ideas I despise.  I have also been known to speak of language, and its power, and the […]

Rocky Horror was a large part of my life in my high school years.  My parents had forbidden me to see it, and so I always told them I was staying with one of my friends (and sometimes I did actually stay with her, after the show was over) and went anyway.  It symbolized a […]

There have been several things going on recently that I would normally have already addressed — Oklahoma, Arizona, Oklahoma again, Arizona again, Belgium, Harvard, Florida — but 1. I’ve been addressing it in ridiculous amounts in my personal relationships and it is wearing me out, and 2. There’s just SO MUCH FUCKED UP SHIT GOING […]



Lately I’ve been having trouble finding balance in this blog.  I do not know how much I want to delve into my personal life, but neither do I want to feel like I am constrained to talking about the issues.  When I switched over to this blog, it wasn’t something I really felt the need […]

I, as a single woman on Valentine’s Day, am in apparently in grave peril.  I have been showered with advice on how to survive this most dangerous of holidays.  My method of impending doom is rather strange — it seems that one of the heroes from my favorite romantic films is going to come alive, […]

Some lovely women on a forum I frequent posted these two things (an article written by Patrick Stewart for the Guardian, and a video of a speech he gave for Amnesty International, both of which I will post in full) in a discussion about the actor being knighted. I thought they were very much worth reposting. […]