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What is freedom of expression?  Without the freedom to offend, it ceases to exist. (Salman Rushdie) I am an adamant free speech activist, and have spent no small amount of time defending the free expression of people whose ideas I despise.  I have also been known to speak of language, and its power, and the […]

I, as a single woman on Valentine’s Day, am in apparently in grave peril.  I have been showered with advice on how to survive this most dangerous of holidays.  My method of impending doom is rather strange — it seems that one of the heroes from my favorite romantic films is going to come alive, […]

I’m going to put a Broad Generalizations disclaimer on this.  Know that I don’t think this is a rule for every single guy that exhibits Nice Guy behavior.  It’s just speculation on the phenomenon in general.  (Also, if I use a word or phrase with the first letter of each word capitalized, it’s because I’m […]

I found a quote that I think illustrates very well why the Nice Guy thing is so offensive to us.  I mean, there are a few reasons why, but this part especially–it’s the implication that women are not smart enough, not capable enough of deciding who they should be dating.  Women need Nice Guys to […]

This entry might be dangerous, because there are a few things on various topics I want to address.  I try not to do that, because I’m not sure I will be able to actually post a coherent thought on any of them.  We’re going do to a little experiment though, and see how it turns […]