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Pretty much everyone is discussing right-wing rhetoric following the tragedy in Arizona, and I think it’s something that needs to be discussed.  No matter how the perpetrator of these terrible actions identifies, it is a fact that there is a culture of violence around politics right now, and that the right is encouraging it and […]

Although it is usually seen as an unusual choice, Thor is my favorite comic book hero.  (Come on guys, he’s a fucking Norse god.)  Every time I see new information about the upcoming film, I get excited all over again;  I’ve been anticipating this since they started the Avengers movies.  But alas, all this is […]

“I noticed that everybody who is pro-abortion has already been born…” – Ronald Reagan A friend, with whom I’ve had several heated arguments on this subject, posted this quote on his facebook.  I have been making an attempt not to respond to such statements, although he is making them increasingly often.  But this quote, in […]

I’ve posted about this pretty much everywhere I do any sort of social networking. I have, for some reason, been especially emotional today.  I’m not sure whether it was better or worse that my strings happened to be so easily plucked on a day like today.  When I read the ruling, I cried.  Good tears, […]

Lately, for some reason, one particular issue keeps surfacing in my life: the supposed war between the atheist and Christian populations.  First it was this article from CBN (which resulted in a debate with a friend of mine), and now it’s this piece from Chrissy Satterfield. I can’t help but notice that our very existence […]

From the same woman who said what Roman Polanksi did wasn’t “rape rape,” we now have Mel Gibson isn’t racist! Perhaps, in the interest of fairness, I should add that Whoopi said she wasn’t defending Mel, and didn’t agree with what he did.  But that’s a small defense when you’re saying a man who has […]

I had originally intended to make a post about sexism in relation to my field of work but, as is the way with me, something else came up before those thoughts took firm hold.  On the way back from the conference which had brought about the inspiration for that post, I stopped at a movie […]