A Short Post


I know, I know.  If I see a link to a website called Ladies Against Feminism, I should ignore it.

But I never learn.  And now I must post, or else be pissed off about this all day.

This article discusses feminism — mainly, how feminism has destroyed the world.  Here’s how the author defines feminism:

For the sake of the discussion, I’ll say that feminism is any movement that distracts a woman from her natural role as a wife, mother, nurturer, and guardian of the home.

This sentence, all by itself, embodies pretty much everything that is wrong with the article.  It also illustrates why there is no possible way I could ever see this as anything but utter trash.

You see, I don’t want to be a wife or a mother, nor am I particularly a nurturer or a guardian of the home.  The things that I want do not fall in line with what the author states should be my “natural role.”   What’s more, I did not want these things even before I was feminist.  I, admittedly, had trouble realizing that I had an option, but that is not the same.  Without feminism it’s very likely I would have ended up trapped in a situation I despised.  The author states,

I firmly believe that, had all husbands treated their wives in the fair and kind way they were supposed to, the utter concept of feminism would seem laughable.

This is simply not true.  Even if my marriage situation was ideal by the author’s terms (i.e., if I had an affectionate, kind husband who provided for me flawlessly), I would be miserable.  A gilded cage is a cage nevertheless, and any role that requires me to be subservient and wholly reliant on my romantic partner is abhorrent to me, no matter how kind he is.

It’s obvious that the author does not truly understand feminism, or why feminism is wanted and needed.  She assumes that the role in life that she is happy with is the role that all women should embrace.  But all of us who know that gender does not define the traits of human beings know that what is right for one woman is not right for every woman.  If marriage, children, and homemaking are what make you happy, then that is what you should do.  However, there has to be an acknowledgement that this is not right for everyone, and there has to be a choice.  I can see why she hates feminism.  Feminism is all about being able to choose your role, rather than obeying one that has been chosen for you.  I have the choice to reject marriage and motherhood and to go make my own way — or, in short, to reject her idea of the only role a woman should take.

Academics and career are not a “treat;” they are now an obligation, and the reason why this is not fair to women is easy to see when you observe women juggling career with marriage, motherhood, and homemaking.

I don’t want to go in depth on this, but I thought it worthy to note that the author also blames feminism for the unfair distribution of household duties.  This is something that is clearly the doing of a patriarchal society that tells us that women should be the primary caretakers; feminism advocates for equality in this realm, as in all others.

All of this is just the tip of the iceberg and in no way a full account of why I see feminism as nothing short of a tremendous social disaster and the cause of terrible tragedies in countless families and society as a whole. Truly, I could continue talking on and on about rampant divorce, promiscuity, abortions, the downfall of the father’s authority, and general confusion and misery that sadly, now plague the women of my generation.

Ah, my favorite paragraph in the article.  I don’t really even know where to begin.  Perhaps I should merely say this: I would proudly take responsibility for rampant divorce (a sign that people are leaving bad relationships), promiscuity (people expressing their sexuality freely and as they see fit), abortions (women taking control of their bodies and being given a choice of what to do with them), and the downfall of the father’s authority (the opinions of women having more equal weight with the opinions of men).  If the confusion and misery she bemoans follow the lines of these examples, I’ll gladly take that as well.


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