Wherein Your Beloved Blogger Discusses The Fact That She Is Losing Her Goddamned Mind


There have been several things going on recently that I would normally have already addressed — Oklahoma, Arizona, Oklahoma again, Arizona again, Belgium, Harvard, Florida — but 1. I’ve been addressing it in ridiculous amounts in my personal relationships and it is wearing me out, and 2. There’s just SO MUCH FUCKED UP SHIT GOING ON that if I wrote about all of it on here my brain would explode, at the very least.  SO.  Right now, I’m considering sharing the link to this (and the fact that I am the author of it, of course) with some people I would like to discuss this shit with, but in a more organized manner (my main political outlet this past week has been Facebook, because that’s where I and my acquaintances tend to post links to news articles, and I have run into so much craziness you would not believe, and as I said it is wearing me the fuck out).  As such, there are going to be some edits to past posts, just to give you a heads up (I’m going to go ahead and start on the changes while I’m deciding whether or not to share this space).  There are things that I was comfortable saying anonymously that I am not so much comfortable with sharing when I’m going, “Hey, you know me, and all the other people involved in this situation!”  So yeah.

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