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I was considering some of the ways that believers tend to minimize the less-than-savory traits exhibited by the God of the Bible, and was suddenly struck by the parallel between the way that God interacts with his Christian followers and the way abusers interact with their victims. 1. “I’m only doing this because I love […]

“Surely it must be one of history’s deftest ironies that oppressors have always sought to rationalize their oppression by blaming the oppressed for the state to which it has reduced them.”  – Sidney Mintz I am currently reading a very good book entitled “A History of Women in America.”  It is full of things that […]

So, I never thought I’d do this, but…I’m going to talk about Paris Hilton today. Now, I know that it’s been several years since the Nick Carter Abuses Paris incident, but it was brought up to me today, and the way the conversation went really bothered me.  The person I was discussing it with called […]