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So, Pandagon recently discussed a pretty disturbing conservative-leaning “comic” that depicted a scene between President Obama and the Statue of Liberty after he had apparently raped her — he tells her to shut up, and promises to come back with friends to repeat the act.  The rape metaphor is pretty popular in politics, but that […]

So this article.  Where do I start? How about with the basic (incorrect) assumptions that have to be made in order to write this article and believe that it is true?  These are: 1. All women are seeking a long-term relationship. 2. All men are seeking a hookup. Which leads to… 3. No man will […]



Lately I’ve been having trouble finding balance in this blog.  I do not know how much I want to delve into my personal life, but neither do I want to feel like I am constrained to talking about the issues.  When I switched over to this blog, it wasn’t something I really felt the need […]

I had originally intended to make a post about sexism in relation to my field of work but, as is the way with me, something else came up before those thoughts took firm hold.  On the way back from the conference which had brought about the inspiration for that post, I stopped at a movie […]