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I, as a single woman on Valentine’s Day, am in apparently in grave peril.  I have been showered with advice on how to survive this most dangerous of holidays.  My method of impending doom is rather strange — it seems that one of the heroes from my favorite romantic films is going to come alive, […]

I often get frustrated when it comes to promoting my feminist ideals publicly.  Blogging about them is easy, but when faced with explaining them to my family, friends, and acquaintances, it becomes more difficult.  This isn’t because I am ashamed of them, or because I don’t think they’re worth promoting (quite the opposite, in fact).  […]

Prop 8


I’ve been hesitant to write about the Perry v. Schwarzenegger trial, although I have been following it very closely.  I’ve written before about my opinions on this issue (and I imagine what my feelings are could be guessed even if I had not).  But something I heard while the trial was going on has stuck with […]