Today my father was preaching a sermon on women of the bible (specifically some ones in Jesus’ bloodline).  As an atheist, it’s pretty difficult to sit through most sermons anyway.  My blood boils at any mention of us being “made for god’s purpose, to glorify him and do his will.”  I get irritated at the idea that we as people have no merit on our own, that everything is by god and for god, and without god we would be horrible, evil people with no hope for redemption.  I get even more irritated at the idea of an all powerful being who creates an entire world (maybe more) of people solely for the purpose of worshipping him (because man, that has to be one egotistical son of a bitch).  So, anyway, he goes through the stories of these women, most of whom were open with their sexuality, and then at the end says that the point of it all is that god can take even the dregs of us and do wonderful things with us.  He said that if god had chosen kings and queens to be in Jesus’ bloodline, no one would be surprised at what they could do with all their power and might…but because he chose these lowly women of questionable morality and “empowered” them, we should all take heart and realize that, with god, we can do great things.

And this just pissed me off to no end.

Let us, for a moment, say that there is a god, and he is sitting here, looking down on the world throughout time at all the women that have been and ever will be, and trying to handpick ones to be the ancestors of his son (when he, of course, immaculately impregnates Mary…yeah fucking right).  Is it so fucking hard to believe that he chose those women on their own merit?  Chose them because they were intelligent, strong women who knew what was up and how to get what they want?  I mean FUCK.  Give people some fucking credit for their own actions.  And most of all, don’t get that sneering disapproving tone of voice when you talk about all the sexual things these women did to get what they wanted, because goddamn it that’s the only way they could.

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