Defining Feminism


Stumbled across this article on a forum I frequent.  Not going to say much about it, but I do like the way it addresses the stigma surrounding feminism.  I dislike the way we, as human beings, identify groups of people by the most outrageous media attention they receive, instead of digging deeper and looking into what a group is about ourselves.  I don’t agree with everything it says, it gets a slow start, and it repeats “Yes, you are” far too many times, but it ends strong, gets the point across, and addresses the fact that we feminists should unashamedly own the term.

I recently began a very big effort to own all the things I am proudly.  It’s coming much easier to me now, almost as easy as breathing most of the time.  Even when I slip up, like I did the other day when I felt guilty for not mincing words about the way I felt when someone made a very rude generalization about women, it’s easier to snap myself back and remind myself that I should not feel ashamed for being who I am, or for being honest and open about my opinions, or for not doing everything I can to avoid confrontation (or for writing very long, broken sentences that are only punctuated by commas).  I sometimes have to remind myself not to give a damn what people think about certain fashion choices I make–if it makes me happy, if it’s pleasing to me, I should own it.  And when I do, even if I have to mentally shake myself into owning it, I feel comfortable in my own skin, confident, beautiful.  That’s really what it’s about for me–being confident, unapologetic, unashamed in every aspect of myself. If someone doesn’t like who I am, then that’s okay.  I refuse to live my life like a popularity contest.

And now that I’ve gone sort of off-topic and written much more than I intended, I’m going to be silent, until next time…

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